VW Campervan Conversions

The VW campervan conversions market can often be quite complicated. There is no doubt lots of campervan convertors out there, but knowing one from the other, or which camper conversion would suit you best can be tricky.

25seven Campers Ltd is not a campervan conversions company, we are resellers of other companies VW campervans. In this section of the website, we take the campervan conversion companies we buy and sell the most of and provide a guide to their most popular models.

Campervan Conversion Companies


Whilst not exhaustive and we sell lots of other VW camper vans that aren’t listed here, these are the ones we have had the most dealings with over the years and so know them well. They are also arguably some of the biggest brands in the marketplace. It is important to mention however, that we are not affiliated with any of these VW campervan conversion companies, and these guides are just our thoughts and experiences. We are an independent VW campervan specialist and so have the freedom to buy and sell any VW campervans that we feel meet our strict levels of quality and safety.

How much does it cost to convert a VW camper?


Campervan conversion costs can vary massively depending on the conversion company and level of equipment and quality of parts used. It is possible to have a full camper conversion from around £12,000 (normally without heating) but most are nearer the £17,000 mark. You can spend a lot more than this however, but at that level we would expect to see some premium brands being used such as Reimo or SCA roof, RIB bed, Webasto heating etc.

As a rule we match our prices to the quality and specification of the VW campervan we are selling. We take into account both the base vehicle and conversion, to ensure the VW camper as a whole is in line with current market prices.

Who is the best VW campervan convertor?


This is a really tough one to answer. There are scores of VW campervan conversion companies out there, although unfortunately not all are producing the quality of camper conversions we would consider retailing. This can make the process of buying a used VW campervan very daunting to the untrained eye, as a new conversion doesn’t necessarily equate to a quality campervan.

We use our years of trading experience to hand pick the stock we are offered and then subject them to a very rigorous preparation procedure, to include an independent habitation safety certificate. This ensures we only sell quality VW campervans that have been prepared and checked by professionals.

What are the best VW campervan conversions?


This is largely the same question as above in terms of making sure quality matches price. However, there are also the different layouts to consider. Most will lean towards the traditional ¾ width bed with full length furniture down the drivers side. Others will prefer the zoned nature of a central lounge and rear galley kitchen.

We always try and keep a stock of different conversions and layouts of VW campers for sale to provide customers with choice based on their requirements.

Is it cheaper to buy a VW campervan or convert one?


Many people think it is cheaper to buy a van and have it converted than to buy a turnkey VW campervan. However, we wouldn’t say that is necessarily the case. Yes, the converter or reseller may have some additional sales margin in the finished campervan, but this can often be offset by the price they can produce the conversion for themselves. Conversely, don’t forget that the seller of the base vehicle will also have a sales margin and so this can push the finished camper price up.

It would also come down to how you are comparing prices. To be a true comparison all things must be equal such as base vehicle age, specification, and mileage, along with conversion brand and quality of conversion and parts used.

Ultimately, we sell our quality used VW campervans at a level lower than the equivalent new conversion because that is the way it should be.

How long does it take to convert a campervan?


Normally the conversion process is not the determining factor in how long it takes to convert a campervan. Frequently it comes down to the work load of the conversion companies and how long it takes to source a suitable base vehicle. Some conversion companies have lead times of nearly a year and so you may be waiting a long time for your new campervan.

Used VW campervans do allow for a much quicker route to camping. Our stock of VW campervans for sale is often either ready to roll and drive away or have a preparation time of no more than two weeks from viewing.

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