JOBL Campervan Conversions

JOBL campervans are something of a best kept secret, in that from talking to customers they are not very widely known. We’ve known about them for a few years now and have sold a number of examples, although exclusively the JOBL Kampa SE. Very well built and with high levels of specification and equipment, they are a deemed as a premium VW campervan conversion.

JOBL do things a little differently in that they only offer a limited choice when it comes to both their range and the choices of finish for a particular model. As standard their conversion comes with the excellent SCA pop-top roof with sprung bed. The market leading RIB bed, designed to comfortable as both a bed and a seat. And feature the practical and useful additions of heating, gas grill and electric water heater.

JOBL Campervan Conversions

JOBL models

The JOBL model range consists of four models; the JOBL Kampa SE and AT, JOBL LE-R the JOBL Kombi SE. The Kampa SE, AT and LE-R are essentially the same conversion although the AT stands for All Terrain and the LE-R is the long wheelbase version of the SE. The options in terms of furniture finish is equally short and limited to just Silver, Grey or Zebrano, although we like this approach as it maintains model consistency.

Model name VW Platform Layout
JOBL Kampa SE T5 / T6 SWB / pop-top roof / 4-berth / ¾ width bed / traditional layout
JOBL Kampa AT T5 / T6 SWB / pop-top roof / 4-berth / ¾ width bed / traditional layout
JOBL Kampa LE-R T6 LWB / pop-top roof / 4-berth / ¾ width bed / traditional layout
JOBL Kombi SE T5/T6 SWB / pop-top roof / 4-berth / full width bed / basic camping interior


The JOBL Kampa SE is the model that most people would gravitate towards as being a standard yet high specification VW campervan conversion. Featuring a traditional layout of rear seat / bed inside the sliding door and full length furniture behind the driver, JOBL have opted for the wider 120cm RIB bed which does make a difference without compromising on storage.

JOBL Kampa SE 1
JOBL Kampa SE 2

JOBL Kampa AT and Kombi SE

The JOBL Kampa AT is as the name suggests the All Terrain version and so is based on the VW Transporter 4-motion platform with lifted suspension etc. This model is aimed at the adventurer who is more likely to venture off the beaten track. The JOBL Kombi SE takes the popular VW Kombi and improves upon it with extra soundproofing and levels of equipment and finish. It can also be added to with a camping edition pack which makes it very versatile vehicle.


The JOBL Kampa LE-R is the newest model in the JOBL campervans line up. It offers the same levels of build quality and equipment as the established Kampa SE but with more storage thanks to the extra 40cm in length. All JOBL VW campervans can be upgraded with a substantial range of optional extras from full leather interiors to in camper entertainment and exterior sport styling packs.

JOBL Kampa SE 3


We buy JOBL campervan conversions including the models of Kampa and Kampa SE VW campervans.

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