Autohaus Factory Campervan Conversions

Initially a campervan repair business, Autohaus have been converting campervans since 1994. They even have a model celebrating this fact, the Ashton ’94. We first came across Autohaus around 5 years ago and quickly recognised them as  a converter of quality. Their conversions are well executed featuring premium components such as the tried and test Reimo roof and excellent RIB bed.

All conversions have passed VCA Type Approval meaning their quality has been tested and meets performance standards. In short it adds to the confidence that Autohaus are a quality convertor. Available with a whole host of options including exterior styling, they specialise in adding leather interiors in the form of not only upholstery but also interior panels on sliding doors etc.

Autohaus Campervan Conversions

Autohaus models

At the time of writing, Autohaus produce conversions on VW, Fiat and Ford platforms, but it is the VW based Autohaus conversions that we will be focusing on. Based on the VW Transporter they have the models of Ashton and Ashton ’94, Spartan and Camelot. They also produce a conversion on the VW Crafter known as the Crafter Grandi X.

Model name VW Platform Layout
Autohaus Ashton T5 / T6 SWB / pop-top or hi-top roof / 2 or 4-berth / ¾ width bed / traditional layout
Autohaus Spartan T5 / T6 SWB / pop-top or hi-top roof / 2 or 4-berth / wider bed / traditional layout
Autohaus Camelot T5 / T6 SWB or LWB / pop-top or hi-top roof / 2 or 4-berth / two singles or one double bed / central lounge / galley kitchen / rear toilet

Autohaus Ashton

The Autohaus Ashton is perhaps their most popular model and the layout most people have in their minds eye when considering a VW campervan. Well built with lots of storage, the Ashton features the slightly wider than normal 120cm RIB bed and a curved fridge front with storage, similar to that found in the Hillside Birchover. Standard specification is quite basic, but can be added to with a range of optional extras.

Autohaus Ashton
Autohaus Spartan

Autohaus Spartan

The Spartan conversion shares some features of the Ashton, such as components used and curved fridge door, but its biggest difference is the wider 129cm RIB which can seat three when travelling. This wider bed is a big selling point for larger families especially if the camper is to live a dual live of family run around and VW campervan. Other noteworthy differences are the smaller hob / sink unit and lack of rear wardrobe. 

Autohaus Camelot

Like many convertors now, Autohaus also offer a conversion option with a central lounge and rear galley kitchen know as the Camelot. Unlike the Ashton or Spartan, the Camelot is available in hi-top or pop-top. We find this conversion works particularly well in long wheel base configuration as it seems to makes the most of the rear kitchen and all important full size cassette toilet in the rear.

Autohaus Camelot


We buy Autohaus campervan conversions including the models of Ashton, Sparton and Camelot VW campervans.

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