Hillside Leisure Campervan Conversions

Hillside Leisure came onto the market in 2004 and immediately positioned themselves as high quality VW campervan convertors. From the very beginning they have only used premium components and each model has a high specification. Still a family run business, conversions are designed and built in-house at the Hillside Leisure factory in Derbyshire.

All Hillside Leisure campervan conversions use some of the best components on the market. The pop-tops roofs are premium quality SCA units, often with sprung roof beds, whilst downstairs they specify the market leading RIB bed which is comfortable as both a seat and bed due to its clever design. Hillside Leisure are also one of the few VW Transporter based convertors to install a hot water system, often with a very useful shower outlet at the rear of the campervan.

Hillside Leisure Campervan Conversions

Hillside leisure models

Over the years Hillside Leisure have produced a few different models including the electric Dalbury E. But now they focus all models on the VW platform only. Their current model range comprises of the Birchover (four versions; the Birchover S, Birchover Classic, Birchover All-motion and the range topping Birchover Executive) and the Cromford, both based on the VW transporter. They also offer the larger Hopton which are based on the VW Crafter.

Model name VW Platform Layout
Hillside Leisure Birchover T5 / T6 SWB or LWB / pop-top or hi-top roof / 2 or 4-berth / ¾ width bed / traditional layout
Hillside Leisure Doveridge T5 SWB or LWB / pop-top or hi-top roof / 2 or 4-berth / two singles or one double bed / central lounge / galley kitchen / rear toilet
Hillside Leisure Cromford T6 LWB / pop-top or hi-top roof / 2 or 4-berth / two singles or one double bed / central lounge / galley kitchen / rear toilet
Hillside Leisure Hopton Crafter MWB / hi-top roof / 2-berth / washroom / galley kitchen / rear lounge

Hillside Leisure Birchover

The Hillside Leisure Birchover is the most common of the range and the model we tend to sell the most of. Featuring a traditional VW campervan layout of rear seat / bed just inside the sliding door and a full length furniture behind the driver it is no wonder why. As with all Hillside Leisure conversions the build quality and practical storage is superb, as is the level of standard equipment. Available in pop-top or high-top, it is the pop-top model that seems to be most popular.

Hillside Leisure Birchover
Hillside Leisure Doveridge

Hillside Leisure Cromford

The Hillside Leisure Cromford is very similar in layout to its predecessor the Hillside Leisure Doveridge. With this model the rear seats / beds are single units positioned directly behind the front seats allowing for a central lounge for four people. This leads to the rear gally kitchen and perhaps the biggest draw of the Cromford, the full size cassette toilet. Also available as a pop-top or high-top, the Cromford is a long wheel base model only.

Hillside Leisure Hopton

The latest addition to the Hillside Leisure range, the Hopton is based on the larger VW Crafter platform. A 2-berth only camper, it features a large rear lounge which converts to an equally large double bed or two singles. In the centre of the Hopton campervan it has a washroom with shower and cassette toilet with a fully fitted kitchen opposite. 

Hillside Leisure Hopton - image owned by Hillside Leisure


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