Trusted VW Camper Sales Specialists - Est 2009

Trusted VW Camper Sales Specialists - Est 2009

Call Us Today On 0121 453 4577

Call Us Today On 0121 453 4577

Direct Sale FAQs

  • What is Direct Sale?

    • Direct Sale is where we buy your VW camper from you directly


  • Will Direct Sale cost me anything?

    • No – we come to you at our expense
    • Even if we don’t buy your VW camper we won’t charge you anything


  • How do I know how much I’m going to get?

    • We will always provide a competitive Direct Sale offer before coming to view your VW camper
    • From experience our Direct Sale offers are usually very accurate
    • We normally only have to adjust for items not divulged


  • How much is my VW camper worth?

    • This will depend on its make and model, specification, mileage and condition
    • We will value each VW camper based on the current market and our extensive previous trading experience


  • What is the process?

    • Submit your VW campers details to us using the Direct Sale Valuation Form on our website
    • We’ll value your VW camper and call you to discuss our offer
    • Once agreed, we’ll arrange to come to you to view your VW camper
    • We’ll conduct an inspection and test drive – covered by our comprehensive insurance
    • We’ll transfer the agreed price electronically there and then
    • We’ll assist with the completion of the campers paperwork
    • We’ll only ask for the keys once you are happy cleared funds are in your account


  • How does this differ to your Brokerage schemes?

    • Selling to us directly is the quicker option
    • We will come to you saving you time and expense


  • How does this differ to selling my VW camper myself?

    • You’ll get a competitive price for your VW camper quickly and without the hassle


  • Is this process secure?

    • Yes, we are and established reputable Ltd company with a positive trading history
    • All monies are transferred securely and electronically
    • We are polite professional people who do what we say we are going to


  • How long will it take to sell my VW camper?

    • From the point of submitting your VW campers details for valuation it can be as little as 24 – 48 hrs


  • What type of VW campers do you buy?

    • Autohomes – Kameo, Kamper, Karisma and Komet
    • Autosleeper – Talent, Topaz, Trident, Trooper and Trophy
    • Bilbo’s – Breakaway, Celeste, Celex, Komba, Kompak, Lezan, Nektar and Nexa
    • Danbury – Active, Royale, Sport, Surf and Trail
    • Holdsworth – Villa and Vision
    • Leisuredrive – Crusader, Free Spirit, Vivante and Weekend Wagon
    • Murvi – Mallard and Meter
    • Reimo – Lucky, Miami, City Van, Multi Style, Trekker and Trio Style
    • Volkswagen – California Beach and California
    • Westfalia – California, Coach, Event, Exclusive Generation


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If you have any further questions or want to discuss please call on 0121 453 4577.