Trusted VW Camper Sales Specialists - Est 2009

Trusted VW Camper Sales Specialists - Est 2009

Call Us Today On 0121 453 4577

Call Us Today On 0121 453 4577

Thinking of selling your VW campervan?

We’ve got two hassle free options for when the time has come to ‘sell my VW camper’.


The Highest Price for your VW Camper

Direct Sale

The quickest way to sell your VW Camper


Selling your T4 or T5 VW camper van privately can be more time consuming than you think.

If selling your VW camper yourself, deciding you want or need to sell your camper van is only the first stage. There are many more time consuming variables to consider before your camper is sold and you receive your money.

You need to wash and prepare the campervan for sale, find somewhere to take photos, write a description, arrive at an asking price, decide how best to market, place paid for adverts, deal with enquires, sift out the timewasters, conduct viewings and test drives, agree on a selling price, arrange a collection date, ensure correct and safe payment, finalise the paperwork…the list seems endless.

That’s where we can help.

To make the whole process as stress free as possible we offer two simple options;

We can sell your VW camper for you

We can buy your VW camper directly

We buy and sell T4 and T5 VW Camper vans all year round whatever the weather. So why not review both above options then submit your campers details or give us a call and we can get things moving?