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About Us

Established 2009, we have a real passion for VW Campers. A passion you’ll find reflected in the quality of all our VW campervans for sale.

Initially a VW camper hire company we started selling VW campervans as well as renting them in 2010. Although we no longer hire VW campers it’s through the experience of operating our rental fleet safely over the thousands of miles they covered each year that we’ve built up strong knowledge of VW campervans and the level of preparation customers should expect.

Customer care is key to everything we do. That’s why we go to great lengths to provide good quality VW campers and vans that customers can just jump in and go. And when it comes to servicing and repairs, we only use quality parts from trusted suppliers, fitted by professionals.

We understand that buying a used VW campervan represents a considerable investment and that finding a good VW campers for sale if you are unsure of what to look for can be daunting. It’s for that reason we have developed our unique sales pack which provides greater piece of mind. (Details of which can be found at the end of each campervan listing).

In 2014 we extended our offered to provided base vehicles for customers to convert. We don’t do conversions ourselves but provide good quality VW T4 and T5 Transporter vans for you to then take to your convertor of choice, each one prepared to the same high standards as our VW camper stock.

When it comes to sales we may not be the cheapest, although it’s amazing how quickly a ‘bargain’ can become a money pit. We believe our prices reflect our level of preparation and the condition and specification of our VW campers for sale; after all we want you to have a positive experience of dealing with us and recommend us to your friends.

By buying one of our extensively prepared VW campers for sale we hope you’ll soon agree.

Happy camping!

25seven Campers Ltd